Corporate training programs

We help executives and their teams uplevel, building a better and more effective global business landscape

Business AI Bootcamp: Elevate Your Efficiency Game

Unleash a 40% productivity boost with ChatGPT and AI business tools, and work smarter not harder. Our cutting-edge AI Business Bootcamp revolutionizes AI learning—ditching theoretical and video-based learning for an immersive, hands-on approach tailored for busy executives without an IT background.

Deep dive into ChatGPT and OpenAI Playground basics and swiftly escalate to master complex tools and platforms, our AI expert at your side. In just 12 transformative sessions over 6 weeks, evolve from AI beginner to near-pro—from zero to hero. You’ll create flawless emails, reports, and industry-specific internal and external documents.

You’ll walk away with an arsenal of sophisticated skills, tools and resources to optimize your day-to-day, mastering a variety of AI tools for seamless, powerful business communication. Perfect for those ready to pioneer the future without needing intricate tech know-how.

Join us and redefine productivity. Embrace stress-free, ethical AI integration in line with company policies: NO sensitive personal or company data is used at any time, we teach ethical use of AI.

This is your moment to redefine your executive edge with AI. Join us to step up and stand out!

Empowerment Odyssey: Step Into Your Power

Embark on a powerful Empowerment Odyssey, a transformative expedition for bold executives ready to rewrite their narratives. This coaching program isn’t about following a set path; it’s about creating yours, boldly and with purpose. In 24 sessions over three months, we challenge, inspire, and support you in crafting a life and career that truly resonate with who you are. You’ll put to use coaching tools and techniques to break free from limiting beliefs, embrace resilience, overcome impostor syndrome, prevent burnout—implementing strategies for a balanced, fulfilling life, writing a new story that’s authentically and unapologetically yours. Our approach encourages bold thinking and decisive action; our clients don’t just evolve—they redefine what success means to them, achieving a level of self-empowerment that transcends traditional benchmarks.

Are you ready to step into your personal and professional power? Navigate your evolution with us in this Empowerment Odyssey. It’s time to step into your power and start writing your most compelling narrative yet.

Powerful Public Speaking: Find Your Voice, Speak Power

You’ve got less than 10 seconds to hook your audience in a speech or presentation. Keeping them engaged throughout is an art form, and wielding influence with your words, tone and narrative—elements of true mastery. In this program, we unleash your inner confidence, banish public speaking anxiety, learn to craft influence and shape minds. This Public Speaking journey is designed to sculpt you into a charismatic communicator, adept in diverse global markets.

From powerful Public Speaking skills to mastering Art of Persuasion and Influence through Business Storytelling you will engage and captivate audiences. You’ll learn to structure presentations for maximum impact, and show off your skills in the Presentations Grandmaster.

This isn’t just a leap in your public speaking abilities; it’s a quantum jump in your executive journey. So, are you ready to ignite your potential, electrify your audience, and transform into an unforgettable speaker? Join us in Powerful Public Speaking now and turn every stage into your playground of influence.


Leadership Alchemy: From Leader to Visionary

Did you know that less than 48% of employees view their company’s leadership as “high quality?”

They say that leaders are born, not made. But we believe that effective, excellent leaders are created. Dive into Leadership Alchemy and emerge as the leader you’re destined to be. This dynamic program is tailored for managers, team leads, and executives who are ready to transform their approach—those who dare to innovate and evolve into forward-thinking leaders.

Through 24 engaging sessions, you’ll master conflict resolution, enhance decision-making skills and explore the latest Leadership trends like Coaching methodology, Stoic approaches, and leveraging AI-driven strategies for sustainable growth. We go beyond traditional leadership models, focusing on emotional agility, empathetic listening, and advanced cognitive techniques. In Leadership Alchemy you’ll evolve into a visionary leader, capable of navigating complex challenges with finesse and strategic insight.

If you were meant to lead with clarity, conviction and creativity, Join Leadership Alchemy and redefine your executive journey. Step into your future as a transformative leader.

Strategic Speaking: Communicate with Impact

Fact: 86% of executives suffer from ineffective communication—until now.

Strategic Speaking is a game-changer for non-native English-speaking executives. In this 3-month journey, over 24 dynamic training sessions you’ll elevate your voice in the global business arena by mastering the art of assertive, impactful dialogue and effective communication skills. From turning casual conversations into strategic opportunities, to articulating your ideas with clarity and confidence, this program is a powerhouse of transformation. You’ll navigate the nuances of feedback, lead dynamic meetings, and clinch deals with advanced negotiation skills, all in polished, persuasive English.

Strategic Speaking is an executive revolution tailored for the ambitious, globally-minded professional. Don’t fall prey to being a statistic—become a master of effective communication in English. Break through cultural barriers, redefine your presence on the international stage by joining us in Strategic Speaking. Dare to become the voice that shapes the future.