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We believe in shaping destinies. By bringing you to the forefront of the Digital Age business frontier, together we create a sustainable global economy

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We have successfully worked across multiple sectors internationally

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Our values: innovation, excellence and creativity– they shine through everything we do.

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We’re all certified Executive & Language Coaches and bonified AI fanatics


We believe innovation and executive evolution are key to sustainable global business models

Welcome to Iron Empire Coaching

Our Founder

In the tangled world of executive communication, Amber Putnam stands out not just as a disruptor, but as a catalyst for change. As an innovator with a knack for thinking beyond the box, Amber blends coaching finesse, communication mastery, and AI savvy to reinvent the executive playbook. Her mission: to revolutionize European leadership communication by blending disruption with direction, creating a transformative experience not just for leaders but for their entire spheres of influence. With her unique background in Prompt Engineering and Life and Executive Coaching, she’s not just guiding the business elite; she’s equipping them with the tools to redefine the global business landscape. At the heart of Iron Empire Coaching, Amber and her team embody innovation, transformation, and excellence, crafting leaders who don’t just compete, but set new standards. 

“Iron Empire Coaching is all about service-helping professionals slay their goals. You’re not just ‘unlocking doors’; you’re crafting keys to real success. The mission is to be a curator of transformation, so we’ve got to lead our clients through new frontiers of both communication and tech advances for this digital era. Then, together we really are disrupting the system and creating a truly effective, coherent and sustainable global corporate landscape—where people are happy to be. A new business world order, where everyone thrives.”



Years of experience

We’ve been running this gig since before gig work was cool



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We’ve worked with some of Europe’s top executives and military personnel



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We give expert training and coaching solutions for today’s biggest business challenges

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